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With more than a decade of experience in software engineering, I share the best practices and solutions you can apply to your problems in the space of headless browsers. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn

1 min read

Use cases in the ScreenshotOne playground

Having documentation and code examples is great, but not enough to allow developers to quickly integrate the API and assess all available features of the ScreenshotOne API.
16 min read

Let's build a screenshot API

Two years have passed since the launch of ScreenshotOne, and I want to do a fun coding exercise and build a tiny subset of what the API is today, but from scratch.
8 min read

3 best screenshot APIs in 2024

The truth is, that there is no single best screenshot API that fits everyone. But some APIs stand out and shine when compared to others. Also, it depends on your use case and needs which must be included in considering what API to use.
1 min read

Better and more extensible PDF rendering

ScreenshotOne supports PDF rendering for a long time but it was used till recently by a small group of customers. Growing demand in PDF rendering required updating the API. And today, we introduce new options for PDF customization.
1 min read

The new ScreenshotOne dashboard is out

It is a long-term move and rebuilding the ScreenshotOne dashboard was a decision to continue improving customer experience. The previous version of the dashboard was outdated and didn't serve new arising customer needs well.
4 min read

How to take screenshots of social media pages

You can use the ScreenshotOne API to generate screenshots of social media pages (personal profiles or company pages) and in this post, I will shortly cover how to do that.
2 min read

ScreenshotOne API supports GPU Rendering

From today ScreenshotOne supports GPU rendering for both regular and animated website screenshots. The API now leverages the latest in graphics processing technology to bring your screenshot needs to a whole new level.
4 min read

Using Clobbr to quickly load test the ScreenshotOne API

I needed a simple app to quickly grasp the performance of my API. I found a perfect one that suits well for local development and allows you to quickly check your API performance—Clobbr. I and Dan want to share a few thoughts about the load testing and Clobbr.
2 min read

Unveil the Power of Automation with ScreenshotOne and Zapier

I am thrilled to announce an exciting update for the ScreenshotOne users – the much-anticipated integration of ScreenshotOne with Zapier. This powerful combination is here to enhance your automation journey and expand your workflow capabilities to new heights.
3 min read

ScreenshotOne is available as a ChatGPT plugin

From today, you can render screenshots of any website or even raw HTML in ChatGPT—ScreenshotOne is available as a plugin. But at the moment of writing not available yet, in the official store, but it can be available when you read it.
1 min read

An improved screenshot history page

Daily, I work as hard as I can to ensure that ScreeenshotOne is the best screenshot API out there possible. But I rarely share updates but trust me, a ton of them might go unnoticed. Let's fix this situation.
4 min read

How to convert HTML to PDF in JavaScript

Nowadays, you have various options to generate PDFs from HTML or any given URL: generating PDF in the browser, on the server-side (Node.js), or even using a modern and friendly API to generate PDF.
7 min read

How to record videos with Puppeteer

Let's quickly record a video with Puppeteer and see what upsides and downsides the native Puppeteer method of screencasting has. And how they can be tackled.
12 min read

Open Graph images

You can control the preview image rendered when your site is shared on social media, messengers, or apps that support the Open Graph protocol.
2 min read

What is a screenshot or HTML rendering API?

A screenshot API or a screenshot as a service is usually a cloud or a remote server service that provides the ability to render any website, HTML, Markdown, or even PDF by making a request to the service, be it over HTTP, TCP, or any other protocol.
4 min read

I migrated to Google Cloud

Google Cloud gives $300 in credits for 3 months for experimenting. And I decided to give it a try, but not because of the free credits.
3 min read

How to create a site thumbnail with Puppeteer

We can consider the screenshot of URL or HTML as a thumbnail, but I write about the thumbnail of a screenshot. How do you take a screenshot within the defined viewport but with different image width and height? Resize!
3 min read

How to render HTML with Puppeteer

Suppose you want a reliable way to render HTML with the latest versions of browsers.In that case, I bet you can't find a better solution than rendering HTML with Puppeteer — you always have an up-to-date version of the browser, and using Puppeteer is super easy.
1 min read

How to set a time zone in Puppeteer for page

Puppeteer allows blocking any outgoing requests while loading the page. Whether you want to block ads, tracking scripts, or different types of resources, it is relatively easy to do with Puppeteer.
4 min read

How to block requests with Puppeteer

Puppeteer allows blocking any outgoing requests while loading the page. Whether you want to block ads, tracking scripts, or different types of resources, it is relatively easy to do with Puppeteer.
13 min read

How to take a screenshot with Puppeteer

Making screenshots of the websites with Puppeteer can be tricky. A lot of pitfalls wait for us. Let's examine Puppeteer on a set of "screenshotting" problems and tackle arising pitfalls.