Alexander Schnebel about how he uses ScreenshotOne in Productglowup

Published on Dmytro Krasun 2 min read
I had a great chat with Alexander Schnebel, the founder of Productglowup, about how he uses ScreenshotOne in his marketing.

Productglowup is a service that helps creatives to quickly turn their Gumroad products into a custom product portfolio. And guess what? ScreenshotOne plays the key role in their marketing efforts.

Here’s what Alex had to share about his experience:

Questions and Answers

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your product?

I’m Alex, a fullstack software Engineer. I’m currently working on Productglowup.

What are your use cases and favorite features, if any, of ScreenshotOne?

I’m currently using ScreenshotOne for demo purposes. When I reach out to potential customers, I create a demo Landing Page of the specific Gumroad product and use the ScreenshotOne API to render a preview of the landing page in the open graph image.

How was your experience with integrating ScreenshotOne? How would you rate our product quality and customer support?

The integration and customization is really simple. I use the native img tag and reference the previously created landing page URL to get a screenshot. It’s fast and efficient.


Stories like Alex’s remind me why I developed ScreenshotOne. It’s not just about creating a screenshot API that’s fast and efficient. It’s about making things simpler for hard-working professionals. It’s about helping them focus on what they do best while ScreenshotOne takes care of the rest.

Stay tuned for more such engaging customer experiences.