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It was decided to share the roadmap publicly to update ScreenshotOne customers and fans about the product plans. And to allow customers to see and influence the product development.

The roadmap is more or less stable, and the development plan is executed based on it, but it might be changed since ScreenshotOne handles customer requests dynamically. And if there is more demand for some features, they can be prioritized.


Custom domains

A rarely requested feature, but still important, is to allow rendering screenshots under custom domains. It is under consideration.


ScreenshotOne is based on top of the best open-source libraries, and there is a desire to contribute back to the open-source community.

Both by sponsoring projects and by opening the best parts of the code, which will liberate screenshot rendering.


Supercharged request history

Customers requested improvements for the history page to allow quickly navigate through their request history. All requested features were gathered, collected, and implemented.

Organizations and members

More than three companies requested organization management to separate billing and access key management.

And as a solution, organization management was introduced and successfully adopted by the companies.

ChatGPT Integration

Integrating ScreenshotOne into ChatGPT by OpenAI allows ChatGPT users to render website screenshots and HTML and even build site galleries in one prompt.

The plugin is ready for use.

Pay as you go

Many customers on the highly paid plans reached their limits, and some customers periodically ask to top-up their credit balance.

To make the service more excellent for everyone, from now you can opt-in for the pay-as-you-go option for your plan. Check this out, extra screenshots might be much cheaper.

Asynchronous execution and webhooks

One of the customers requested to add support for simple asynchronous rendering for screenshots and webhooks so that they can render screenshots asynchronously, and when finished, the webhook is called.

Thanks to them, ScreenshotOne now supports asynchronous screenshot rendering and webhooks.

Integration with Zapier

Integration with Zapier, and other no-code automation tools were always one of the much-requested features. And integration with Zapier is available!

OpenAI GPT Vision

You can use our screenshot API together with the OpenAI Vision API. It allows you to send screenshots directly to the Vision API without building all the infrastructure yourself.


The roadmap was published recently, but internally it was tracked from the end of 2022.

Scrolling and animated screenshots

A few potential customers approached and asked if ScreenshotOne could render animations through an API or scrolling screenshots.

In 2 weeks, the feature was developed, and since then, it has helped customers generate videos and has served a variety of critical use cases, like generating email campaigns with engaging videos, animations for presentations, and so on.

There is also a blog post on how to generate videos with Puppeteer.

Performance, scalability and stability

ScreenshotOne is one of the most performant and scalable screenshot APIs on the market.

But there is always room for improvement. And making the product work fast and reliable is the top priority always and is out of the scope of the roadmap. The performance, error rate, and issues are checked and fixed on a daily basis, if any.

If you have any issues or are not satisfied with the product speed, feel free to share your concerns at They will be addressed immediately.

Your proposal

Your proposal is enormously appreciated. The roadmap is mainly based on the requests of ScreenshotOne’s lovely customers. If you have any proposals or feature requests, please, feel free to share them at