An improved screenshot history page

Published on Dmytro Krasun 1 min read Product updates
Daily, I work as hard as I can to ensure that ScreeenshotOne is the best screenshot API out there possible. But I rarely share updates but trust me, a ton of them might go unnoticed. Let's fix this situation.

Today, I want to share a quick update on the screenshot history page that a few lovely customers requested.

I tried to keep UI as simple as possible for the history page, but it wasn’t enough for a few customers since they were using this page heavily. So, here it goes—the renowned screenshot history page:

A screenshot of the new history page

I have added the following:

  1. Possibility to filter by dates.
  2. Allow to hide and show columns.
  3. Filter by any word in the query string of the request.
  4. Sort by date, size, or run time.
  5. The number of requests to show per page and go to any page directly.

Thanks for your attention, and I hope the new update will help you to use ScreenshotOne more efficiently.