ScreenshotOne is available as a ChatGPT plugin

Published on Dmytro Krasun 3 min read
From today, you can render screenshots of any website or even raw HTML in ChatGPT—ScreenshotOne is available as a plugin. But at the moment of writing not available yet, in the official store, but it can be available when you read it.

I want to share a few details about you can use the plugin and, if you need it, how easily you can add your plugin to the ChatGPT store.

Install the ScreenshotOne Plugin

I hope that at the moment of reading, you can install it from the official store, but if not, follow the simple instruction:

  1. Put when adding the plugin as an unverified plugin:

Install the plugin

  1. Proceed when you are asked to be cautious:


  1. Copy your access key form the access page:

Copy your access key

  1. Make sure that requiring signing request is disabled. Since ChatGPT can’t do it for now:

Disable signing requests

  1. Enable the plugin:

Enable the plugin

And we are ready to go. Let’s try it.

Prompts to render screenshots in ChatGPT

Once our screenshot API plugin is ready, we are ready to play with it. Let’s try a few prompts and see what happens.

Render a screenshot of any company in ChatGPT

Render a screenshot of any company without even typing the URL. Look how simple it is now:

Render a screenshot of the Stripe company homepage.

The Stripe screenshot

Render a screenshot in the dark mode

Render a screenshot of the Tailwind CSS site in the dark mode.

The Tailwind screenshot in the dark mode

Render a screenshot of Yahoo Finance without ads and cookie banners.

Finance Yahoo without banners and ads

And many more. If you have any ideas for more prompts, please, share at

How to develop your own plugin

OpenAI has excellent documentation with examples of how to do it.

ScreenshotOne already had an OpenAPI specification, so it was easy to do it. But I needed to cut a lot of options to make sure it worked. A lot of options currently frustrate ChatGPT, and a prompt might exceed the token limit since ChatGPT generates the prompt, which includes the OpenAPI schema.

So, in ScreenshotOne’s case, it was easy. I just created the plugin manifest file, which you can find at

And I generated a separate specification for the plugin since it is tough to make it work with all the options and features ScreenshotOne provides.

That’s it! You see how simple it is to add it.


The ChatGPT plugin ecosystem delivers a colossal opportunity for developers and companies to reach new users and enrich the chat experience.

If you have issues with the plugin, please, reach out to, or if you have any ideas of how to use the plugin or have ideas for partnerships, please, feel free to share at