The Puppeteer alternative for rendering screenshots

ScreenshotOne is one of the best Puppeteer alternatives that can render screenshots for you in one simple API call.

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An example of the Stripe screenshot
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Guillaume Barillot, CTO at Deepidoo

The best alternative to Puppeteer

Everything you need to render screenshots

ScreenshotOne takes care of all the headaches related to maintaining Puppeteer and managing headless browsers, while you can focus on other features and code more relevant to your core business.

Ease of Use and Integration
The ScreenshotOne API offers a simple integration for applications to capture screenshots with a single API call, eliminating the need for understanding browser automation or setup complexities.
ScreenshotOne is a cloud platform that offers scalable and reliable screenshot capture, handling many requests at once without user-managed servers or performance concerns, unlike Puppeteer, which requires complex and time-consuming setup for scaling.
Reduced Maintenance Overhead
ScreenshotOne often outperforms self-managed Puppeteer setups by using optimized servers and caching for faster screenshot generation, whereas Puppeteer's efficiency varies with server setup, system load, and webpage complexity.
Performance and Speed
Using our screenshot API offloads maintenance, updates, and compatibility issues to the provider, reducing user workload compared to Puppeteer, where users must manage servers, updates, and system health themselves.

ScreenshotOne takes care of scaling

Use the language you love

No need to worry about scaling headless browsers and handling all the corner cases. Choose your language and library and let's start rendering screenshots.

// add com.screenshotone.jsdk:screenshotone-api-jsdk:[1.0.0,2.0.0)
// to your `pom.xml` or `build.gradle`
import com.screenshotone.jsdk.Client;
import com.screenshotone.jsdk.TakeOptions;
import java.nio.file.Files;
public class App {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
final Client client = Client.withKeys("<access key>", "<secret key>");
TakeOptions takeOptions = TakeOptions.url("")
final String url = client.generateTakeUrl(takeOptions);
// Output:
// or download the screenshot
final byte[] image = client.take(takeOptions);
Files.write(new File("./example.png").toPath(), image);
// the screenshot is stored in the example.png file

Save time on writing code

No-code Puppeteer is now possible

As a Puppeteer alternative for screenshots, ScreenshotOne supports all its features and even more. But now you can integrate it with the most popular no-code platforms like Zapier, Airtable, Make and similar.

Zapier Airtable Make Bubble

ScreenshotOne is the best product on the market - and that's before you take into account how responsive and easy Dmytro is to work with.

Any time we've found a rare edge case, it's been resolved in hours.

Great company, great founder - can't say enough!

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts
Founder of SpyFu

Automate website screenshots.
Start rendering today.

Superb and exhaustive documentation, ready SDKs, no-code tools, and other automation to help you render website screenshots and outsource all the boring work related to that to us.