Hi, I am Dmytro Krasun, and I am a regular human behind ScreenshotOne. I am a software engineer with over a decade of experience in server-side development, high-load, big data, and distributed systems.

I created ScreenshotOne to offload the tedious tasks from developers and empower them to focus on more creative work. Rather than having headaches from dealing with headless browsers.

I launched ScreenshotOne at the end of May 2022, and since then, more than hundreds of users have signed up and have taken hundreds of thousands of screenshots.

The project has many paying customers and is profitable and self-sustainable. It is technically stable without significant downtimes, and I am excited about the product’s future as never before.

I have a massive roadmap for the product dictated by customers. And improve ScreenshotOne every day. If you have any propositions, ideas, or questions or want to chat, feel free to email me at hey@screenshotone.com.