Boosting email CTR for "Bridesmaid For Hire" with ScreenshotOne

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How and why "Bridesmaid for Hire" used ScreenshotOne to boost their email campaign CTR.

Bridesmaid For Hire specializes in writing wedding speeches for maids of honor, best men, and couples. To improve their user engagement and ensure that clients finalize their speeches, they rely on personalized emails.

Bridesmaid For Hire

Their goal was to increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of their emails, which previously stood at 0%, despite sending approximately thousands emails.


The product sends users a personalized link to their chat with the AI bot in order to retarget users a few days before the wedding, encouraging them to take a final look at their speech.

The goal was to achieving higher engagement and CTR through email communications.

ScreenshotOne as a Solution and Results

Bridesmaid For Hire Integrated the ScreenshotOne screenshot API to generate previews of the speeches:

An email preview

As a result, the use of ScreenshotOne effectively increased the engagement levels, although specific metrics were not provided.

A few words by Stefan Wirth, a maker behind Bridesmaid For Hire:

I found ScreenshotOne very easy to get started with. The intuitive playground feature allowed me to seamlessly integrate and test our campaigns.

I love the playground, and it just works.


By utilizing ScreenshotOne, Bridesmaid For Hire successfully enhanced their email strategy, leading to better engagement with their users and ensuring that clients were well-prepared for their special moments. This case study highlights the importance of leveraging the right tools to achieve business goals.

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