How FounderPal uses ScreenshotOne for landing page analysis

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If you are interested in diving deeper into the FounderPal use case and discover if ScreenshotOne might be useful for you, too, keep reading.

FounderPal positions itself as a marketing co-pilot—from analyzing your ideal customer to generating a unique value proposition for one-person businesses.


They use ScreenshotOne to analyze and give automated feedback on landing pages for their customers.

FounderPal and ScreenshotOne

Here is what Dan Kulkov a co-founder shared with us about their integration with ScreenshotOne:

How did you discover ScreenshotOne?

I have been following Dmytro for a few years already. He is the opposite of most solopreneurs. He is 100% focused on building the best product without any distractions. This reputation made a purchase of his product a no-brainer.

Did you check any alternatives?

The alternative of ScreenshotOne is to spend 20 hours figuring this out, waste your time, and end up buying it later. I decided to take a shortcut and buy it right away.

How does it help you in your business

We use ScreenshotOne in Marketing Strategy Generator. Our customers want to get their landing page roasted — that’s when website screenshots come in handy. We added this major feature in days and it increased our revenue instantly — only possible thanks to ScreenshotOne.

Anything you would like to add?

Last thing — I appreciate the fast customer support. Building the product, doing marketing is hard enough. But Dmytro still manages to solve my problems fast. Thank you!

More Examples and Use Cases

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ScreenshotOne supports a huge variety of uses including but not only:

And many more.