How Typeshare uses ScreenshotOne for image generation

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Typeshare is a digital writing platform designed to enhance the writing experience by offering a suite of tools aimed at reducing common barriers writers face.

A few words about Typeshare

Typeshare integrates advanced features like idea generation, content optimization, and structured writing to support both novice and experienced writers.

The platform provides an “Idea Generator” that tailors suggestions to the writer’s style and interests, offering a continuous stream of creative prompts. Additionally, Typeshare includes hundreds of writing templates for various types of content, facilitating quick and efficient content creation.

Idea Generator

One of the standout features of Typeshare is its user-friendly interface that encourages writing and collaboration. The platform is structured to help writers avoid the dreaded blank page syndrome by using predefined templates that can be easily customized.


This feature is particularly valuable for creating content quickly and efficiently, which is crucial for maintaining a consistent writing schedule. Furthermore, Typeshare offers tools for content planning and scheduling, allowing users to manage their publication timelines effectively.

Typeshare also emphasizes social sharing and connectivity among users. It supports direct publishing to major social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium, making it easier for writers to share their content with a broader audience.


This integration improves the process from creation to publication, enabling writers to focus more on content creation and less on the logistics of content distribution. The platform’s community-oriented features, including feedback mechanisms and collaborative options, foster a supportive writing environment that encourages growth and improvement through user interaction.

How Typeshare uses ScreenshotOne

Typeshare generates and exports images for writing and then share them on social media and other places.


ScreenshotOne processes a high volume of screenshots. Taking all the boring and scaling work and allowing Typeshare to focus on its core business and provide the best possible experience for writers.


Sam Shore, a founder of Typeshare recently tweeted (edited with the permission of the author):

We have lots of SaaS subscriptions with Typeshare but by far the best value is ScreenshotOne.

For a small monthly fee we basically get a full-time developer who handles all our image generation.

We’ve spent thousands on building this in-house and it was nowhere near as good as what Dmytro Krasun has built.

Can’t recommend ScreenshotOne enough!

More Examples and Use Cases

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ScreenshotOne supports a huge variety of uses including but not only:

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