Automate Website Screenshots

Automate Open Graph image generation

You can use our screenshot API to effortlessly generate images when sharing links on social media or messengers.

Producing open graph visuals is crucial for increasing engagement with links on social media channels. ScreenshotOne facilitates this by allowing you to generate open graph images for links to your website with one simple API call. Don’t lose on potential for increasing your link clicks.

How our screenshot API can help

Employing the website screenshot API, developers can straightforwardly produce visuals ideal for open graph tags, ensuring shared links on social networks are paired with attractive previews.

You can do that in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up to ScreenshotOne and get your API key.
  2. Prepare the HTML template you want to use as an Open Graph image for your website pages.
  3. Generate the image with ScreenshotOne and use it in meta tags.

How ScreenshotOne already helps

There are a lot of examples of how our customers use ScreenshotOne for automating screenshots. But let us share a pair of examples related to Open Graph image generation:

  1. Stagetimer uses ScreenshotOne for Open Graph image generation.
  2. How adopted ScreenshotOne.

And there are many more to come.


With our API we get you covered and you get full control over your image generation without developing your own solution or using complex libraries.

But! we have a complete guide on how you can generate open graph images yourself.

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