How Ilias Ism, a founder of the MagicSpace SEO agency, uses ScreenshotOne daily

Published on Dmytro Krasun 1 min read Testimonials
We would love to share a quick review of ScreenshotOne by Ilias Ism, a founder of MagicSpace SEO agency and OG Image Generator on how he uses the API daily to generate screenshots and automate regular tasks associated with screenshots.

Here is what Ilias shared with us:

Sometimes you notice a piece of software that is so simple but yet so useful. ScreenshotOne is one of those tools and I couldn’t be more excited in using it. It solves a lot of real pains for me as a developer and SEO consultant. With over 5,000 screenshots taken so far, ScreenshotOne saves me tons of time while delivering reliable, high-quality results.

The best tools, are those that make you money when using them, for me this was when I adopted ScreenshotOne into my OG Image Generator, it was an easy setup, and now my social preview images are nice and clean screenshot of the page, without just being blank or a random image.

Let’s dive into what ScreenshotOne is, and how I’m using it.

You can read the full review on the Ilias site.