How RivalFlowAI uses ScreenshotOne to help its customers improve existing content

Published on Dmytro Krasun 2 min read Testimonials
RivalFlowAI is a new product by SpyFu, launched in 2023. The product helps to improve existing content with AI by finding the missing pieces your page needs to rank.

How RivalFlowAI helps their customers


The idea is simple, you write and publish your content. And then RivalFlowAI:

  1. Looks at what your page ranks for.
  2. Identifies gaps between your page and pages that outrank it.
  3. Recommends improvements to fill the gaps.

Then you can update the content on your own or by using AI content generation and suggestions by RivalFlowAI.

Wait and you rank higher and get more traffic.

How RivalFlowAI uses ScreenshotOne

RivalFlow needs to render a lot of screenshots to visualize the content and scrape the content to analyze the gaps.

Example of screenshot generation

ScreenshotOne processes a really high volume of screenshots with a high success rate. Taking all the boring and scaling work and allowing RivalFlowAI to focus on its core business.

Feedback by the RivalFlowAI founder

I asked Mike Roberts, a founder of SpyFu, for a testimonial and that’s what he replied:

ScreenshotOne is the best product on the market - and that’s before you take into account how responsive and easy Dmytro is to work with.

Any time we’ve found a rare edge case, it’s been resolved in hours.

Great company, great founder - can’t say enough!

More Examples and Use Cases

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ScreenshotOne supports a huge variety of uses including but not only:

And many more.