How GetWebsite.Report uses ScreenshotOne for screenshot automation tasks

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If you are interested in diving deeper into the GetWebsite.Report use case and discover if ScreenshotOne might be useful for you, too, keep reading.

I saw a testimonial from a paying customer of ScreenshotOne on Twitter and reached out to them to get more information about their product, how they use the ScreenshotOne API, and if they are satisfied or not.

A testimonial on Twitter

What does GetWebsite.Report do?

GetWebsite.Report generates a comprehensive webpage audit that’s packed with tailored insights and proven tactics instantly using AI and ScreenshotOne:

An example of reports

GetWebsite.Report and ScreenshotOne

How did you discover ScreenshotOne?

Oh well, honestly, we were browsing through some unrelated products and found that they were displaying website image screenshots after entering the URL. I went through the network logs and found ScreenshotOne.

Did you check any alternatives?

We did explore URLBox and a few others mentioned in their footer. We found URLBox to be a decent product. However, we went ahead with ScreenshotOne because it was pretty easy to get started with, and easy to configure, and also felt the pricing was quite affordable compared to the former.

In what application do you use it?

At GetWebsite.Report, we built a website auditing tool for design, UX, and conversion. We use the website images on desktop and mobile from ScreenshotOne and apply certain business logic to create audit reports for a site.

How does it help you in your business?

Well, without ScreenshotOne, we would have needed to build a website scraper using Puppeteer or something similar. This is extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

With ScreenshotOne, all of this is solved. We would probably never even achieve 30% of what ScreenshotOne does if we tried to build this in-house. We now process over 2000 screenshots every month, and we couldn’t have achieved this without ScreenshotOne.

Anything you would like to add?

Kudos to the team for building it. It’s been more than 4 months now, and there’s hardly been an outage/downtime.

ScreenshotOne handled even the rarest of edge cases where websites were loading slowly, which I found other products in the market failed to do.

Lastly, the support has been extremely top-notch, which is like a cherry on top.

More Examples and Use Cases

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ScreenshotOne supports a huge variety of uses including but not only:

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