Detect any website fonts with a ScreenshotOne API

Published on Dmytro Krasun 2 min read Product updates
Now you can detect fonts used by any website with ScreenshotOne API in just one simple API call.

An API example request

Yes, it is as simple as that.

Use cases

Enhance design apps and tools

You can integrate our screenshot API into design software or tools to allow users to automatically identify and analyze fonts on any website. It’s a great feature for designers who want to understand and emulate successful typography strategies.

Brand consistency checks in CMS platforms

Use our API in content management systems to give users the ability to automatically check and ensure font consistency across their web pages which is a vital part of maintaining brand integrity.

Automated web audits

Include our font detection API in web audit tools to provide comprehensive reports on typography use, helping users optimize their websites for both aesthetics and performance.

Educational tool integration

You can use our API to build educational features in web design learning platforms or tutorials, enabling students to explore and learn from the typography used in real-world web applications.

Accessibility checks

Implement our API in accessibility tools to analyze whether websites are using fonts that are readable for people with visual impairments or reading disabilities, aiding in the creation of more inclusive web content.

Font Library and Marketplace Enhancement

If you’re developing a font library or marketplace, integrate our API to show how different fonts look on live websites, giving customers a real-time preview and enhancing their purchasing experience.

SEO and marketing tool integration

For developers working on SEO and marketing tools, incorporating our font detection API can provide insights into the typography trends of top-ranking websites in various industries.

User experience analysis tools

Use the ScreenshotOne API to develop features in UX analysis tools that examine the impact of different fonts on user engagement and website usability.

Browser extension development

Create a browser extension for design enthusiasts and professionals that utilizes our API, allowing them to identify and learn about the fonts used on their favorite websites.

Use the ScreenshotOne API into your development tools to help users ensure that the fonts they use on their websites are legally compliant, avoiding potential copyright issues.


The feature was requested by one of our customers but never was urgent for them. Now, it is available for everybody.