Async, Webhooks, and Extra Limits

Published on Dmytro Krasun 1 min read Product updates
May was a great month and full of new and exciting updates. Let's check them out quickly.

Charging Extra

One of the most requested features for ScreenshotOne was a pay-as-you-go option. And I am happy to share that now it is publicly available.

From how you can specify an extra hard limit for your plan and never worry about hitting the limit again. You can read in detail about how charging extra works in the ScreenshotOne docs.

Asynchronous screenshot rendering and webhooks

Today, asynchronous screenshot rendering and webhooks are publicly available for everybody. Now, you don’t need to wait until your screenshot is uploaded to S3. You can execute rendering and upload asynchronously and get the results delivered by webhook.

Feedback is much appreciated

Any feedback is much appreciated. Feel free to share if you plan to use new features or want to suggest new ones at ScreenshotOne support chat or send an email to