Improved uploading and error handling to S3-compatible storage

Published on Dmytro Krasun 1 min read Product updates
Today, the new version of ScreenshotOne API was deployed to production that enables a retries mechanism when uploading to an S3 storage and more granular error handling.

ScreenshotOne supports direct file upload of screenshots to any S3-compatible storage.

But often what happens is that storage can return a 500 error when you upload screenshots to them and then the overall request fails. You need to retry and render a screenshot again. By the way, failed requests are not counted. And check out our simple guide on handling ScreenshotOne API errors.

Since today, the overflow flow has been improved thanks to one of our customers who requested that.

ScreenshotOne will retry at least 5 times to re-upload the file to your storage and if it doesn’t happen, you will get a better error than the generic one—“storage_returned_transient_error”.

In that release, there is also a new error added like “storage_access_denied” to see if your credentials are expired or you misconfigured them.

That’s all for today. I wish you to enjoy your day and as always, feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.