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Script Trigger Redirect

It is an API error returned when the API detects that the script will trigger a redirect and screenshots won’t be rendered successfully.

"is_successful": false,
"error_code": "script_triggers_redirect",
"error_message": "The specified \"scripts\" option might trigger a redirect, please, specify the \"scripts_wait_until\" option. If you think it is a mistake, please, reach out at ``.",
"documentation_url": ""

Reasons and how to fix

Let’s quickly consider possible reasons and possible solutions.

Add some wait options

Since the custom script you add with the “scripts” options triggers a redirect, you must also set the “scripts_wait_until” option, too.

And to force the API to wait until the new page is loaded.

Reach out to support

If nothing helps you, please, reach out to and we will try to help you as fast as possible.