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JavaScript and TypeScript (Node.js) SDK and Code Examples


Run the next command to install the JavaScript and TypeScript Node.js SDK to take screenshots:

Terminal window
npm install screenshotone-api-sdk --save


Don’t forget to sign up to get access and secret keys.

Generate a screenshot URL without executing the request. Or download the screenshot. It is up to you:

import * as fs from "fs";
import * as screenshotone from "screenshotone-api-sdk";
// create API client
const client = new screenshotone.Client("<access key>", "<secret key>");
// set up options
const options = screenshotone.TakeOptions.url("")
// generate URL
const url = client.generateTakeURL(options); // or generateSignedTakeURL(options) for signed URLs
// expected output:
// or download the screenshot
const imageBlob = await client.take(options);
const buffer = Buffer.from(await imageBlob.arrayBuffer());
fs.writeFileSync("example.png", buffer);
// the screenshot is store in the example.png file

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