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PHP SDK and Code Examples

If you have any questions, please, reach out at


Run the next command to install the PHP SDK to take screenshots:

Terminal window
composer require screenshotone/sdk:^1.0


Don’t forget to sign up to get access and secret keys.

Generate a screenshot URL without executing the request. Or download the screenshot. It is up to you:

use ScreenshotOne\Sdk\Client;
use ScreenshotOne\Sdk\TakeOptions;
$client = new Client('<access key>', '<secret key>');
$options = TakeOptions::url("")
$url = $client->generateTakeUrl($options);
echo $url.PHP_EOL;
// expected output:
$image = $client->take($options);
file_put_contents('example.png', $image);
// the screenshot is stored in the example.png file

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