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Python SDK and Code Examples

If you have any questions, please, reach out at

Massive thanks and rays of goodness to Gustavo Garcia from Dailytics for providing the fully-featured high-quality Ruby SDK.


Run the next command to install the Python SDK to take screenshots:

Terminal window
pip install screenshotone


Don’t forget to sign up to get access and secret keys.

Generate a screenshot URL without executing the request. Or download the screenshot. It is up to you:

import shutil
from screenshotone import Client, TakeOptions
# create API client
client = Client('<your access key>', '<your secret key>')
# set up options
options = (TakeOptions.url('')
# generate the screenshot URL and share it with a user
url = client.generate_take_url(options)
# expected output:<your access key>&signature=6afc9417a523788580fa01a9f668ea82c78a9d2b41441d2a696010bf2743170f
# or render a screenshot and download the image as stream
image = client.take(options)
# store the screenshot the example.png file
with open('example.png', 'wb') as result_file:
shutil.copyfileobj(image, result_file)

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