How to record videos with Puppeteer

I gathered everything you need to know about how to record videos with Puppeteer in one place. Enjoy!

Posted December 5, 2022 by Dmytro Krasun ‐ 4 min read

Open Graph images

You can control the preview image rendered when your site is shared on social media, messengers, or apps that support the Open Graph protocol.

Posted November 27, 2022 (updated November 28, 2022) by Dmytro Krasun ‐ 11 min read

What is a screenshot or HTML rendering API?

A screenshot API or a screenshot as a service is usually a cloud or a remote server service that provides the ability to render any website, HTML, Markdown, or even PDF by making a request to the service, be it over HTTP, TCP, or any other protocol.

Posted November 22, 2022 (updated November 27, 2022) by Dmytro Krasun ‐ 2 min read

Heart-touching feedback from Gregory

Daily and nightly, I work on improving the quality and performance of ScreenshotOne (your friendly screenshot API) and ensuring I help customers solve their problems and prosper.

Posted November 21, 2022 by Dmytro Krasun ‐ 2 min read

Building a website directory with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Prisma

I am seeking a good stack I can switch to for my new projects. So, I decided to try and evaluate Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Prisma stack with a small project.

Posted November 17, 2022 by Dmytro Krasun ‐ 15 min read

How to take a screenshot of a webpage in Haskell

It's a widespread need to take a screenshot of a live website. On a project I worked on recently, we had a legal requirement to take screenshots of forms that our users filled, as at the time they filled the forms, for consent documentation purposes.

Posted October 19, 2022 (updated October 23, 2022) by Anthony Alaribe ‐ 4 min read

I migrated to Google Cloud

Google Cloud gives $300 in credits for 3 months for experimenting. And I decided to give it a try, but not because of the free credits.

Posted September 14, 2022 (updated September 14, 2022) by Dmytro Krasun ‐ 4 min read